Data-Driven, Cross-Platform Media Solutions

Push Digital is a political campaign and public affairs agency built for the integration of mobile and television marketing.

Our mission is to fight for candidates, causes and corporations that strengthen America’s economy to provide better lives for everyday Americans.

We go to battle in the arenas of political, regulatory, legislative and public opinion debate with proven, proprietary methodologies across all communications platforms, executed by a deeply experienced and battle-tested team.

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Data And Integrated Media Solutions

Television and digital media are on a collision course as people consume more media on mobile devices and Internet-connected televisions. Soon we will be placing all television ads just like digital ads are placed today. We’re the agency positioning you for the future using proprietary data research and analysis.

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Reputation Management

Too many times businesses make the mistake of thinking they are in a marketing fight when they are actually in a political fight. That’s when they need to bring in knife fighters who have led politicians, organizations and corporations through crises — we are those knife fighters.

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Issue Advocacy

We go to war for companies and issue advocacy groups at all levels of government – local councils, state legislative and administrative bodies, congressional offices and federal government departments. At Push Digital, we believe in a fairer, freer, friendlier (hey, we’re idealistic) government that helps and does not stand in the way of job creation.

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Political Campaigns

If recent campaigns have taught us anything, it is that digital wins political battles. Whether it’s the contentious “Gateway-to-the-South” battles that South Carolina is known for or Senatorial and Gubernatorial races, Push Digital’s team is known for utilizing cutting edge technologies and proven strategies that win elections.

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Creative Services

Creating beautiful ads is just not enough. We produce ads across all platforms — from television to mobile devices – that PUSH people to action (yes, that’s why our name is Push Digital). We have a proven track record for changing perceptions, recruiting supporters, influencing legislators and winning elections with our ads. We don’t believe […]

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