Wrapping your brain around what a media company does can be difficult. Strategies and technology change constantly. Here’s the core of who we are and what we do to help you better understand how we can help your team!

What is Push Digital?

Push Digital is a digital-first integrated media company built to meet the demands of today’s constantly-evolving media landscape.

What does that mean?

Television and digital media are on a collision course as people consume more media on mobile devices and Internet-connected televisions. Soon we will be placing all TV ads the same way digital ads are placed today. We’re the agency positioning you for the future.

The days of reaching the masses with one broad message are gone—you can no longer afford to talk to everyone as if they’re the same. We produce creative for a specific target audience, drive the ads to that audience where they consume information, and then monitor and optimize the advertising every single day.

What kind of media do you create?

We think of ourselves as a content factory, creating all forms of digital media in-house from video to long-form written pieces to moving and static images. That’s what we’re the best at. We also create television ads, direct mail and just about every form of marketing materials like signs, billboards and brochures. We’ve even wrapped a few buses.

Do you handle the media placement?

100% YES! Creative and media placement should not and cannot be separated. Advertising cannot be “set it and forget it.” We use extensive data analysis to launch many different versions of creative and monitor them every single day to determine what’s working and what’s not. It’s called optimization and it must happen quickly and daily. That’s how you get the biggest bang for your buck and that can’t happen when separate agencies are building and placing creative.

How are you different?

Everyone will say they’re creative. Not everyone will say they’re tough, intense, fast, thrifty, and the hardest-working agency around. We hustle. We push—that’s the mentality we gained from years of political campaigning.

As for our approach, we crank out more content than most other agencies—content built for specific audiences with extensive data analysis. That’s another tactic we learned from political campaigns—one that most agencies aren’t willing to adopt. It’s hard and frankly, it cuts into agency profits. Also, most big agencies aren’t built to be that fast and nimble, but that’s our approach because it’s how marketing must be done in 2019.

6 Companies In One

Push Campaigns

If recent campaigns have taught us anything, it’s that digital wins political battles. Whether it’s the contentious “Gateway-to-the-South” primary South Carolina is known for, Senatorial and Gubernatorial races, or big committees and SuperPACs, Push Digital is known for utilizing cutting-edge technologies and proven strategies to win elections.

Push Advocacy

When your job is to stand up for others, it’s important to know what you stand for yourself. At Push Digital, we believe in a fairer, freer, friendlier (hey, we’re idealistic) world—both online and off. Those values are our compass when integrating with your organization and aligning with your goals. We aren’t afraid to roll up our sleeves and fight hard because, in the end, making a difference is always worth it.

Push Brands

From our view, a brand has two natural states: static or crisis. It’s only with a dynamic team that you can nimbly shift gears and adjust to whatever the market throws your way, without losing equity. At Push Digital, we’re rewriting the rulebook for what a brand can be and the stories it can tell. Our focused approach is simple: start a conversation and don’t let it stop. That’s how we unlock your brand’s greatest potential.

Push Creative

Every great agency knows how to produce impeccable creative, but our content stands out for its proven track record of changing perceptions, moving products, and positively impacting our clients’ bottom lines. Our in-house team’s capabilities span from branding, design and copywriting to web development and film production. We can build your brand from scratch, grow it, and take it to the next level.

Push Media Solutions

More than 34 million Americans—nearly a 10th of the population—have pulled the plug on cable and become “Cord Cutters.” This group will likely never see a broadcast or cable television advertisement. Our team seeks to bridge the gap by offering dynamic strategies for both TV and streaming audiences, ensuring your message reaches every intended audience. Our plans leave no stone unturned, giving your organization a comprehensive view of the audience landscape.

Push Strategic Communications

Relationships are the currency enabling us to get the job done—and building those connections requires us to get off our mobile devices and back to traditional communications and coalition development. Recognizing the conventional lines separating the digital and real world no longer exist, Push Digital has expanded its client focus to the seamless development of co-existing online and offline strategies.