At Push Digital, we need to know two things to get your Issue and Legislative Advocacy campaign started.

  1. What’s the bill number?
  2. What committee is it in?

That’s it!

Oftentimes, the client wants to offer more. We listen. But this is the fundamental information we need.

From there we tap into our team’s understanding and knowledge of public policy and the legislative process to formulate a strategy for success. We understand state legislative calendars, committee schedules, and the backroom legislative process.

Our team of former legislative staff has the public policy understanding and the political campaign experience you need for your legislative agenda to be heard and achieved in State Houses across the nation.

Unlike D.C. firms, Push Digital understands the states. No Inside-the-Beltway, one-size-fits-all mentality for us.

Push Digital was founded in a state capital. Our senior leadership team has worked the halls of state houses and traveled the state and district campaign trails. We know that local issues and local politics matter.

Every state is different. Every state has its own process.

We are the folks who know because that’s where we come from. It’s who we are.

Push Digital wants to know…What’s the bill number? What’s the committee? And we’ll take it from there.

How can we help? Contact us to learn how we can help you reach your goals!