Here in Charleston, we’re used to being at the top of the list. We have been named one of the world’s top cities (the only U.S. city to make the list) for five years in a row. We have been referred to as a “millennial magnet” by USA Today, ranked as one of the country’s best cities for food, claimed a spot as a highly livable city, recognized as one of the best places to start a career, and the list goes on, but I think you get the point—Charleston is awesome. So of course, America’s best digital creative agency had to come to the vibrant coastal city to add to the list of why Charleston is the best. And don’t worry, we didn’t just come to Charleston to hang out. Below are the top 5 reasons that Push Digital is in Charleston and why you should be too

1. Millennial Magnet

Did you know Charleston is the number 1 mid-sized city for millennials? They are flocking to the city—not only because of the numerous bottomless brunch places on King Street but because of the wide range of opportunities! From 2000 until 2016, Charleston’s millennial population grew by 48 percent, most of whom (lucky for us) are young and highly educated. The reasons why twenty and thirty somethings are settling down in South Carolina’s oldest city speak for themselves. Charleston, having been designed before automobiles were invented, is gifted with pedestrian-friendly streets, breathtaking architecture, and a touch of historical charm. It’s simply a place you would want to spend those post-grad years transitioning into the real world. So why do we want to work in a town overcome by recent college graduates?

Say what you want about millennials, but there is no doubt that they understand social media trends AND worship some good food (just a plus to keeping them around). Digital technology has remade the world of work—seeping its way into every aspect of running a business. You can only succeed if you think with and through new technologies. The millennials on our team have helped Push Digital embrace the digitization of our world and give us an edge in utilizing tools to best serve our clients.

2. Happy Lifestyle, Happy Workers

Not only can we brag about having some of the best workers in America, our ability to retain employees is unbeatable. Charleston is the ideal location to raise a family. Whether you want to reside in the suburbs of Mt. Pleasant or Sullivan’s Island, Charleston offers some of the top schools, a thriving economy, low crime rate, and of course, beach days! Because agency life is stressful, we constantly emphasize Positive Vibes no matter what. The atmosphere in Charleston gives us that feel-good environment that we need to succeed.

We have a company wide group chat dedicated to recommending things to do and try in this city! When our political team needs a boost in inspiration, they go to Workshop—an exploratory food court that gives local restaurants the space to experiment with new recipes. The brewery we work out of hosts an event every week called 1MillionCups which celebrates a thriving network of entrepreneurs in the area. All of these interactions facilitate a collaborative environment that help us generate new ideas for our clients!

3. We’re OUT of the D.C. Bubble

Washington DC has hundreds of digital marketing agencies. The people in the D.C. bubble are reading the same news, meeting the same people, walking the same streets, going to the same places, and therefore creating identical content. If you check out these agencies websites, a place where they have the opportunity to showcase their design skills- you will quickly find that they are all even the same format. Not only is it boring, unoriginal content does not generate clicks. Here at Push, we are known for the cutting edge and refreshing content that we create. How do we make such innovative marketing plans?

Our team is made up of some of the top GOP veterans. We rescued them from the DC swamp and provided them with a breath of fresh air in Charleston. The city breeds creativity and innovation. It outpaces the nation in technological growth and is home to more than 250 tech companies  Maybe it is the salty, summery air that flows new ideas to us or maybe it is the warm, sunny weather that makes us wake up every morning excited to tackle new challenges? Whatever it is, Charleston is working for us!

4. Clients Come to US

We have clients from all across the nation—which is not unusual for a digital media agency. We’re experienced in working around the clock to be accessible for all of our clients via email, phone, skype, texting, or twitter! We are dedicated to ensuring that there is strong communication and collaboration as media strategies are executed. Different time zones don’t bother us. Producing content for five elections in the same night is manageable. Understanding how to target a community comes naturally for us – even when they are halfway across the country.

But, how FUN is it to take a business trip to Charleston? Whether you want to meet face-to-face to discuss a potential contract or just want an excuse for a getaway in the middle of the week, our location in Charleston ensures that our clients have an unbelievable visit. We even work next door to a brewery! What better way to spend a ‘business trip?’ The Charleston Airport has been right in step with Charleston’s economic growth—launching nonstop services to five major cities this spring. Accessible, affordable, awesome.

5. Booming Economy = Booming Business

Anywhere you look, people are talking about Charleston’s booming economy. The population surge of highly educated individuals, increase in diversified industries, and thriving tourist economy can all be credited with Charleston’s success. Of course, this booming economy is helping Push Digital’s business to boom. In the past three years, we have moved spaces four times and welcomed over twenty new employees! Nuances like securing a lease on Washington DC’s popular K Street or finding parking for our employees would have been a hurdle to our rapid expansion. Washington DC buildings also do not have the high ceilings and natural light that we have in our new office space in Charleston! Thanks to Charleston, our streak of success shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.