The Squad

Energy is our weapon. Speed is our priority. Victory is always our goal. Our squad is ready to fight for you.

Justin Bennett

Director of Finance

Liana Sarapas

Director of Operations

Austin Stukins

Business Development Director

Jared Smith

Director of Political

Blake Williams

Director Of Videography

Bonnie Hansley

Production Director

Lindsay DeTroia

Director Of Brands

Elizabeth Griffin

Director Of Advertising

Amanda Thiel

Director of Media Buying

Phil Bailey

Director Of Advocacy

Valerie Waller

Accounting Manager

Ben Nadeau

Senior Developer

Ashley Nielsen

Senior Graphic Designer

Brittany Wright

Senior Account Executive

Alisa Myers


Jordi Tiffany

Web Project Manager

Ellie Klimecki

Advertising Account Executive

Nathan Paschal

Graphic Designer

Kingsley Roda

Assistant to the Executive Office

Courtney Lewis

Graphic Designer

David Lawson

Junior Account Executive

Blair McCartin

Junior Account Executive

Cameron Collins

Junior Account Executive

John McHale

National Sales Representative

Lucas Kuklinski

Junior Account Executive

Dylan Shropshire

Junior Account Executive

Hannah Humphreys

Junior Account Executive

Mallory Broach

Account Executive


Pawlitical Account Executive


Pawlitical Account Executive


Pawlitical Consultant