As working from home continues to be the new normal, it’s easy to get distracted and struggle to find motivation. Because of this, we wanted to come up with some tips to share on staying motivated from home and also share some insights on the future of the workplace.

Since going into the office from 9-5 is no longer the reality for the majority of people in the U.S., we’ve had to adjust our routines and become acclimated to a new way of doing things. Being that no one signed up for this to happen, it’s easy to think negatively about the situation, but we must remember to think of things in a positive light.

Design Your OWN Workspace

Working at home means you are working in your own space. This means you have the opportunity to create the perfect workspace for yourself. Working in an office often comes with a lot of elements that are not in your control and therefore can get in the way of you being 100% comfortable while at work. These elements could be things like the temperature in the office, the music that is played (or lack of), the desk you sit at, or even your office chair. These all can play a part in your productivity and now YOU have the opportunity to create the perfect work atmosphere.

Control YOUR Day More

You now have the opportunity to spend your time more efficiently and effectively. Since commutes are a thing of the past at the moment, you have a whole new chunk of time to utilize. Maybe you can use that time to get a jumpstart on the work day or to prepare your own coffee rather than hitting the drive-thru at Starbucks. You can even spend that extra time to get a little more sleep so you’re more energized and productive for the day!

Put Yourself FIRST

With a busy work schedule, it’s often hard to find the time, motivation, and energy you need to go to the gym or eat healthily. With the extra time you now have working from home, try to incorporate physical activity into your day by going on a small walk around the block between meetings or when you need a break from the computer screen. Bringing a healthy meal to work is also sometimes a challenge but now you have the opportunity to make a healthy meal from home instead of opting for carry-out with your co-workers.

Take The Pressure OFF

Sometimes people feel pressure to dress and look a certain way at work. This often results in unnecessary stress that can affect how they work. Now you have the chance to work in clothes that make you feel comfortable and look how you would like to without feeling self-conscious. Even if there is no judgment in your office setting, it is still nice to express yourself in ways you might not be able to while at work.