No matter what industry you’re in, the phrase “the devil is in the detail” rings true. What makes anything a true success is thinking of everything.


Remember the Fyre festival? Yeah, so does the rest of the world 🥴 That’s because no one took care of the details. Just having a good idea isn’t enough for a killer product; execution takes planning, thought, and a whole lot of work.

The same is true with creative services. Awesome websites, graphic design, and videos aren’t just made with the click of a button. Let me tell you a couple reasons why.


When visiting a website, each user will have a different experience, so every possible route a browser could take needs to be top-notch. This is why custom websites can take months to complete (if you’re doing it right and building highly customized and personalized themes, which we are).

When building a custom WordPress theme, we cater every detail toward our client’s exact needs, providing both the end user and the website’s content editor a simple, intuitive, and special experience with both consuming the content and updating it.

1. Originality/Uniqueness You can be more creative in capturing a brand’s essence when you’re planning every portion of the site with only one client in mind. Take a look at the website we built for Frothy Beard Brewing Co. We planned, designed, and coded it specifically for them, so that, when visiting the site, users have a similar experience to visiting the brewery as they possibly could on the web. I mean, check out that bubbling beer footer!


2. Cleaner Code = faster sites and better for SEO. If you’re using a WordPress page builder or a service like Wix or Squarespace, unless you’re a Web Developer, you probably never knew how messy code can be.

With a good WordPress theme developer, you will minimize all the extra unneeded code, making it easier for screen readers and search engines to understand the content on your page. Big page builder themes also often include many different libraries and options that your site may never use and all that extra weight can slow a site down and take up server space, which could lead to an increase in hosting costs depending on your provider. With a custom theme your site will only include the necessary elements, which improves site performance and SEO rankings- aka, more hits to your site and free publicity!

3. Have every page be well thought out and on brand. One little easter egg our team includes on all custom sites is a funny 404 page, so in case our user gets lost, they still get a little chuckle, then taken back to the home page where they can find what they’re looking for!



In graphic design, paying attention to details can mean a variety of things. And within design, more often than not, less is in fact more.

The little details here and there are what make up a stellar design. Here are three crucial elements our designers consider when embarking on the design process:

1.Within graphic design every pixel of real estate matters.Appropriate negative space and ensuring important information is the main focus is key. This means consolidating your message and not having too much text. Take a look at these examples. If you were scrolling through Instagram, which would you prefer to see and which would overwhelm you? I’ll let you be the judge.


2. It’s essential that every piece of content your candidate or business posts is appropriately branded. Upon every client’s onboarding, our design team will create a brand guide with designated fonts and colors that everyone on our creative team will use throughout the whole campaign. When your post pops up in your followers’ feeds, they should be able to recognize your brand instantly!


3. We wouldn’t be the most creative team in politics without some fun, creative finishing touches. Special effect magic here and there is what makes up a successful piece.



Much like web development and graphic design, an attention-grabbing and successful video is all about the details. Here are three areas of detail that our video team always ensures are perfect for any video they produce.

1.Whether you realize it or not, every ad, show, or movie you watch has been color corrected. Color correction on every shot is essential to give the video a cohesive and polished feel. Check out these examples of a recent spot our video team color corrected:


2. Another thing that is important in all animation, is making sure it is smooth and massaged. Nothing is more jarring than a glitchy or bad animation. Luckily our team is filled with superstar animators, and we would never let such a thing happen.


3. Just as important as the visuals, having quality audio and appropriate levels is absolutely vital. All videos must be mastered with both the viewer in mind and the platform on which the video will be viewed, since every platform has its own standards. We take great care in making sure every video is prepared for an optimal listening experience.

Don’t let your company’s online presence be the next Fyre Festival 🤦

Let our creative team help! It’s what we do best.