A picture can paint you a thousand words, but can it paint you thousands of dollars? You’re thinking of rolling out a new company… What will you need first? If you didn’t say logo and branding, then your business is not quite ready to set sail into the dark, cut-throat advertising world we live in. Your logo says everything about your company or business, and should completely encompass your brand recognition.

Oh what’s that– what is brand recognition? We’re glad you asked.


If you ask dictionary.com, a brand is an identifying mark burned on livestock or (formerly) criminals with a branding iron. Now we aren’t talking the same kind of branding, but you get the idea right? A brand can be a name, design, symbol or any feature that identifies one seller’s goods and services distinctly from other sellers. Furthermore, your brand recognition is the ability for consumers to recognize and identify a characteristic from one company versus a competitor. A company reaches successful brand recognition when consumers can recognize their business or company through visual or auditory clues alone, even without seeing the company’s name.

For example, if you can’t name each of these popular brands below after the company’s name has been removed, then you’re either not a coffee drinker, or you don’t drive your local highway very often. Well guess the latter, because who doesn’t love coffee?

Your brain should’ve automatically associated the above with Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks Coffee. Your brand is a direct representation of what you do, who you are, and why you do it– And your logo is a direct representation of your brand. 


As aforementioned, your logo explains who you are, the services you provide, and why. It’ll be used in digital advertising, on signs and billboards, presentation decks, business cards tucked in wallets across America, on phone screens and more. That’s quite the undertaking for one combination of text and symbols, right? WRONG.

For a well-designed logo, it’s easy.  A good logo should:

1. Catch your eye– be visually pleasing to your eye.  A logo should be clean, catch your attention, and be easily recognizable. A cluttered logo with too many shapes, fonts, and colors will not only lose your logo’s ability to stand out, but also lose your eye’s ability to recognize it.

2. Invoke or Associate with a Feeling – the key elements of emotional design will evoke a feeling, bring you pleasure or joy, or even make your mouth water. A great brand and logo combo won’t convey, it will evoke. And nothing makes your mouth water like Toys R us, right?

3. Color is KEY! – when done right, color can be the fastest way for the human brain to recognize a brand or associate something with a thought or feeling.


Well folks, there you have it. Keep tuning into our blogs for more creative fun and learning!