With social media platforms constantly changing their guidelines, the Push Digital team has put together an updated guide on optimal display sizes and accepted file formats to ensure your social media looks its’ best! Follow along to learn all the tips and tricks!


With over 2 Billion users, Facebook is a great way to gain exposure for your business. Photos, articles, and business updates/announcements can be shared through Facebook. Followers also have the ability to repost content and articles posted through your page and can leave reviews for a business as well.


As a business, Instagram is a great way to stay engaged with customers and show branding and creativity. It is a photo sharing platform that uses algorithms and hashtags as a way to make sure that relevant photos are appearing on your feed. The algorithm also helps users get the most amount of impressions on posts. Hashtags are a useful tool as well, used as a way to target specific users and enable them to easily view posts that are relevant to their interests. Hashtags also make posts easy to find via search.

Instagram/Facebook Stories

Stories are a great way to show your followers things that are currently happening and to show off creativity and personal/brand style to followers. When a story is posted, it is viewable for 24 hours and then disappears from your page. However, Instagram has a “Highlight” feature, which means that a story is saved in a highlight folder on your profile for your followers to view. Highlight folders can be named and organized according to event, location or however you prefer. Facebook has yet to come out with this feature for their stories. Stories also make it super easy to share links with the “swipe up” feature.


LinkedIn is the biggest network for professionals. It is a great way to make business connections and grow your professional network. The main goal of this platform is to connect with business leaders and find potential employees, rather than engage with customers and drive traffic for your business. Hashtags are also used on this platform, again as a way to make sure users are viewing relevant content and to make posts easy to find. Business articles, business updates and personal career updates are the types of posts that will typically appear on a user’s feed.


Twitter can be used in both a professional and personal way. Twitter posts, which are called “tweets,” are posted by users to share life updates, news, and even memes to followers. As a user you have the ability to post your own tweets and can follow other users so that their tweets show up on your twitter feed or “timeline.” If there is a tweet you want to share to your own personal timeline, one also has the ability to “retweet” it and it will appear on their timeline for more people to see. Therefore, more retweets mean that the tweet will be getting more views and interactions. Twitter also uses hashtags to enable content you are interested in to appear on your timeline. Political figures, companies and other public figures now use twitter as a platform to voice opinions, share news, and comment on current events and topics. It is a great way to stay connected with the community and since Twitter is public by default, it reaches a broader audience.