South Carolina State Senator Chip Campsen is one of my all time favorite clients. I adore him and his wife, Lalla Lee, for many reasons. Elizabeth and I have always looked up to them as a model for our own marriage and family. Their values, intelligence and commitment to our local community are traits for which I strive daily. When Chip asked me to help with his re-election campaign I jumped at the opportunity.

Fun story… my first official date with Elizabeth is tied to the Campsens. In 2004, I ran a primary campaign against Chip. I asked Elizabeth to join me for our election night “victory party.” I embarrassingly got my butt kicked in front of my hot date. So I did what one should do after such a defeat. I drove over to the Campsen victory party, hot date in tow, to congratulate our opponents on their win. The Campsens graciously accepted me at their event and asked me to join their runoff campaign against the incumbent State Senator. I joined the team the next day, we won and my political career received a powerful jumpstart.

Sixteen years later I now have the opportunity to show the voters of South Carolina’s lowcountry how Chip Campsen has become one of, if not THE, most effective legislators at the South Carolina Statehouse.

Recently we launched a new TV ad and a series of digital ads in the district.

Getting It Done For The Lowcountry

Offshore Drilling and Onshore Consequences

Renourishing Edisto Beach

Kiawah Bobcats