We are dedicated to delivering our clients products and services they can only get from Push Digital.

Push+ is our proprietary and proven services that can take your campaign, issue group or corporate strategy to the next level with new audience targeting and distribution methods.


Here at Push Digital we are used to working under the tightest of timelines. Most of our clients don’t give us weeks to launch a new website because they are typically in a time crunch or in the midst of a crisis. That’s why we developed a new product that allows us to launch a fully customizable website within 24-48 hours.

The PushQuickSite product has all the bells and whistles a political campaign, issue group or corporation needs - homepage, back pages, volunteer sign up forms, donation pages, blog, landing pages and all the backend analytics needed to run a micro-targeted and effective advertising campaign.


Ask 5 people the definition of “Data” you get 5 different answers. Here at Push, we want to to help sort out all your data questions and point you and your clients in the right direction. Every campaign has unique targeting and data needs. We’ve got the partners and the knowledge to help build out your campaign’s data infrastructure and procure sets and models that are tailored to your particular scenario. Cord Cutters? Got’em. Suburban women who drive luxury vehicles and want to speak to a manager? PushData will whip up a “Karen” model!


We all spend so much time developing relationships with journalists and drafting the perfect release just to grab a reporter’s attention so that we might possibly get a good story that a media outlet distributes to its readers. Why? Why spend all that time and effort when we now have the ability to bypass traditional media, develop our own outlets and distribute the content directly to our audience? In this day and age each one of us is a media outlet. With PushNews we show you how.


For years we have been saying that TV and digital are on a collision course. That course has ended as the two have completely collided. The majority of Americans now consume content on a digitally connected television. In summary, your TV is now a giant phone and we have the ability to collect data from and micro target advertising to that device.

PushTV is all about niche content to niche audiences. On the buying side PushTV is a converged television and digital planning, placement and reporting service - all your stats in one place so you know exactly who is seeing your content. On the production side PushTV concentrates on developing niche content for specific demographics. Gone are the days or reaching the masses with one ad. 2020 is all about using data to to develop a lot of content specifically for niche audiences.


Social media companies like Facebook are putting their primary emphasis on community building and management, yet very few political campaigns, issue groups or corporations are taking advantage of the changes within the world’s leading platform. Over the past four years Push Digital has experimented with groups both large and small to learn the best methods for recruiting and activating fans for our clients. It’s not easy. It’s incredibly time consuming and requires constant attention. But it works and it’s the future of social media.


Push Digital has developed a series of widgets, apps and web plugins designed to make sure your voters show up on Election Day. Whether you’re looking to boost your absentee chase program with automated texts or need put an alert on your voters’ Google calendars - we’ve got you covered. Our development team is ready to turn your folks out!


The Push team has been the leading agency for digital advocacy efforts for nearly seven years. As numerous copycat agencies pop up around the nation, we continue to lead the pack in the most impactful and innovative ways to sway elected officials at the local, state and federal levels of government. No one matches our winning record and proven proprietary strategies. That’s why legislatures in multiple states have asked us to ease up - we’ve simply hit them so hard that we’ve crushed their capabilities to handle the contacts from voters. It’s a site to behold.

We are now taking the next step by developing proprietary legislative contact tools that you can only get here at Push. These are the tools you want in your arsenal to sway public opinion and move legislation. They’re tested, proven and ready for your campaign.


Influencers are all the rage these days. But here at Push, we’re not selling health and beauty products on Instagram. We’re trying to influence audience’s political choices and foundational opinions. We’ve developed a catalogue of right of center influencers that can be contracted for endorsements, opinion pieces, blogs, lift notes, and social media shout outs. These are professionals who understand the political landscape and hold weight in their respective sphere’s of influence. The next time your organization is looking for a third party verifier for your cause, let us know - we’ll be able to put you in touch with a member of our influencer network.