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Push Digital Announces Acquisition of Campaign Solutions and Connell Donatelli Inc, Forming the Push Digital Group

CHARLESTON, SC – Wesley Donehue and R. Rebecca Donatelli announce the merger of Push Digital, an award-winning political advertising agency, and powerhouse digital consulting firms Campaign Solutions and Connell Donatelli Inc, forming the Push Digital Group. Wesley Donehue, Founding Partner & CEO of Push Digital, will serve as CEO for the combined entities.

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Rebecca Donatelli founded Campaign Solutions in 1997 as a pioneer in digital politics, inventing most of the modern tools used today in digital campaigns. Through the innovation of its proprietary e-donation platform, Campaign Solutions made history by raising the first-ever online donation in politics. In turn, Donatelli’s legacy formed as she modernized political fundraising efforts, raising billions of dollars and impacting every campaign since. Without her visionary work, campaigns would not fundraise, or even operate, on the level needed to achieve modern victory.

“I admire the energy and the political smarts of Wesley Donehue, and after several cycles of close partnership on massive campaigns with Wesley and the Push Digital team, we began exploring the details of a merger,” said Donatelli.

“Push Digital has been on the forefront of digital politics ever since we started 12 years ago,” says Donehue. “Over the years, we’ve worked in close partnership with Campaign Solutions to create groundbreaking campaign wins. As pioneers in digital fundraising, as well as masters of data, email, web, social media strategy, and advertising, we knew Campaign Solutions and CDI Ads would be a perfect complement to our growing team, and we could not be more excited to have them onboard. Put simply, they’re the best at fundraising. We’re the best in digital, creative, and advertising. Together we will be the premiere Republican-owned digital agency.”

As a result, Push Digital Group was formed and will offer the total package of each specialized company – Push Digital for creative, Campaign Solutions for fundraising, Laurens Group for advocacy, and CDI Ads for advertising.

“Push Digital Group will offer our clients a seamless, integrated experience that leverages a network of the most tested, trusted, and proven teams in the industry. We are thrilled to announce this first step in a series of moves that we’ll be revealing in the coming months,” states Donehue.

This is only the beginning.

Please stay tuned for more exciting announcements in 2023.