Base Air was a branding collaboration with our friends from Poolhouse.

When Base Air and Poolhouse first came to us, they were looking to lay the foundation for a completely new consumer product category. Base Air’s product was a game-changing automotive technology — an air suspension system that could fundamentally transform your vehicle and provide an unbelievably smooth ride.

At the time, Base Air was already a thriving B2B business — supplying commercial trucks with their products. But they also knew there was a huge untapped market in RV and pickup truck owners — the problem was consumers didn’t know Base Air’s product category even existed. So, they came to Push Digital for help.

We created a trailblazing branding system that would capture people’s attention and allow them to discover what they had been missing all along.

Base Air, girl on a car

We started brainstorming with ideas of making the brand feel “smooth,” “airy,” and “adventurous.” Our first draft was very light and colorful. The typography was a mix of serif and sans-serif, with Sofia being the header font and Tisa being the body font. We would experiment more with typography, but would eventually land on the same set of fonts in our final brand sheet. The color palette was wide open with blues, blacks, greens, yellows, and reds. This would eventually get paired down to just the former two colors. We chose photography that fit the “airy” feeling we were seeking, which included open roads and skies, hot-air balloons, and even jellyfish suspended in water.

Base Air graphics and branding

We also tried a darker night-time aesthetic with lots of geometric lines and photography of long-exposure headlight streaks.

base air graphic and logo

We wanted the same open feeling as before, but darker and moodier. At this iteration, we continued to experiment with typography. We chose Corporate A for the header, a very formal looking serif font. This is also where the brand’s colors started to shift more towards its current blue and black color palette.

Base Air typography

Our next iteration of the brand would be our final and marks what it currently resembles today. We created a solid logo-mark that cleverly combined the “b” and “a” in “Base Air.”

Base Air Logo Graphic

We kept the blue and black color palette from before and added in a new dark gold for accents. We found dark, moody photography with tones that matched our gold accent color.

Base Air branding assets

We mocked up the branding on various stationery and knew immediately that we had found the branding we were looking for.

Base Air Website screenshots