Our Top 5 Resources For Video Editing

Let’s face it. If we knew everything about everything, life would be a tad bit boring. So why try to remember everything when you can consult the internet? But where should you look first? Here are some of my favorite online resources and libraries (free and paid) for video editing.

For Tutorials – Video Copilot

So you’ve just had an idea – no, not an idea, you’ve had the idea. This idea will make your video and now you sit at your massive screens with your big brains and after a long and silent pause you look down at your hands on the keyboard and think to yourself, “I don’t know exactly how to do that.” We, as video editors, are learning new things every day to try to stay up to date with the latest and greatest #trends in these times of need and learning, I head over to Andrew Kramer’s VideoCopilot.net for all of my knowledge and GFX needs. “Andrew Kramer, here,…”

For Plugins – Red Giant

Work smarter, not harder, right? Why recreate a certain transition or draw out a complex shape by hand when you can slap on a handy-dandy plugin and use your precious time to tweak and perfect your work? RedGiant.com has some AMAZING plugins that are not only timesavers, but they’re just plain nice to have around.
Want a powerful in-program grading suite? MagicBullet Looks.
Advanced Particle systems and gfx in After Effects? Try Trapcode.
Realistic vintage looks? Use Universe.

For Free Video Stock – Pexels

A new project has just fallen into your lap and you’ve been given the budget of free to work with. We’ve all been there. And while projects like this definitely pose challenges, sites like Pexels.com make them possible. BONUS besides free stock videos, Pexels also offers free pictures!

For Paid Video Stock – iStock

Oh iStock. How we cherish thee. From photos to vectors to videos, iStockphoto.com never fails to please in the stock media world. Prices range greatly, but if the budget fits, we sits (and edit). And if you’re in need of some stranger inspiration, typing ‘weird’ after your search term can produce some… laughable results.

For Music Stock – Musicbed.com

The days of the deep voiced Pond5 audible watermark are over, folks, there’s a new royalty free music subscription service in town: musicbed.com. Not only does this site provide a plethora of styles and songs, the good dudes at MusicBed will even help you find the perfect song for your project – for no extra charge! Music to my ears…

For Inspiration – Instagram Stories, Facebook, and even… Netflix

Videos continue to out-perform all other types of content on social platforms, and every day those videos are getting better, and better, and somehow you’re expected to keep up. Where better to turn for a little inspiration than the platforms creating some of the best videos out there. When I am in need of a little creative refresh I head straight to my instagram feed and swipe through stories to see what my favorite designers are up to, what sort of ads catch my eye (and which ones don’t).

Just because you’re producing videos for social media doesn’t mean you can’t be inspired by other platforms. There was recently an instance where something on Netflix had us thinking woah and we, ahem, borrowed that effect for a few of our upcoming projects. Good artists borrow, great artists steal, right?

There are so many resources out there for video creators and designers alike, so keep calm and get learnt.