Old vs New Headshot

Why It Came About

With hot new Push Digital  branding from the design team and a new website on the horizon, the video team started thinking about a new approach to headshots that would hopefully help elevate Push Digital’s re-brand.

Because of the new, high-contrast design philosophy in our updated branding, the obvious change was to shoot on a black backdrop. This excited us, because white headshots are more or less standard in business. “Played out” may be too strong a description, but we wanted to go in a more interesting direction.

Inspiration Research

An important part of every creative process is design inspiration and technique research. There are many platforms creatives use for this kind of thing, however for this I almost exclusively used Pinterest. I made a vision board of the styles of lighting, color, and vibe I liked.

After I created my vision board, my team and I came up with a game plan.


We do not have a full studio setup at the office because we primarily do on-site video shoots, due to this our lights and equipment are pretty tailored for that. However, there is usually a way to achieve the desired results with the equipment you have if you experiment enough!

Lighting Diagram Graphic

Above is a simple diagram of the lighting setup that we ultimately ended up going with. The key light was the primary light source, accented only by a very soft rim/ background light. There was actually no backdrop- just a deep dark hallway, which created the illusion of black.

Edit  & Creative Experiments

Once we finished shooting all the headshots, we did a simple edit on them to boost colors and create consistency amongst all of them before they went on the new website!

The creative team has been experimenting with different headshot treatments since the completion of the project- you can check out some of these below!