If you could be any color, what color would you pick? If you had to be a shape? Now what if you had to be a style? Minimalism is a concept which has surrounded us for over half a century. We’ve seen minimalism within sculpting, painting, music and more. Minimalism, specifically within the graphic arts and design world, is a visual concept that will never go out of style; better yet, it’s a style of art becoming more and more prevalent in our everyday lives.

So, what is minimalist design? We’ve all heard it before: less is more. Minimalist design has one goal and one goal only – to say more by presenting less. By accumulating more and more elements within your design (like a pile of things on your bedroom floor) your message will become lost. Minimalism is crisp, clean, clutter-free, and evokes a range of impassioned feelings within us. You’ll find that minimalist design goes hand in hand with monochromatic color palettes, often using whites, grays, and tones based on a natural color scheme. This style is often limited to a two color palette, paired with a complimentary accent color when using type. By limiting your design to include what is necessary, and only what is absolutely necessary, you are creating more space for what is important and leaving no room for your message to diminish.

You’ll see most minimalist designs include a surplus of empty space, selective color, and limited elements. Check out some of our rules to stick to while expressing minimalist design!