Push Digital hates roadblocks.

So, we find ways around them for our clients as we develop a winning advertising strategy.

Throughout the years, Facebook has been the leading platform for driving action online. Whether it is signing a petition, making a contribution to a campaign or cause, email acquisition or getting someone to reach out to their lawmakers, Facebook has been the go-to platform for Calls-To-Action. But, Facebook has also begun to change their ad policies, changes that pose a challenge for issue advocacy efforts and political campaigns.

Instead of having to be so reliant on Facebook, we believe in a healthy mix of platforms such as:

Display ads

Connected TV

Pre-roll video


Digital Billboard ads


We also know we need to be where users are on their screens. That’s why we’ve expanded our SMS text messaging and email marketing tools. Pairing these platforms with our ever-evolving audience targeting capabilities gives our clients the assets they need for success.

Interested in developing a winning advertising strategy? Forget about the roadblocks — we’ll always find a way around them. Contact us to learn how we can help you reach your goals!