Working on political campaigns, you learn pretty quickly that there is a list of items necessary to successfully kick off a digital campaign. There isn’t much to it, but once we have the full list of items, we’re able to quickly crank out awesome content for our clients and spread their unique message across their district and/or state.

The Right Assets

It starts with having good assets to work with from the beginning. That means; high-resolution logo files and photos of the candidate, for starters. Then we need access to any current website or social media pages. If none exist, our team gets the ball rolling by creating a custom website, as well as, social media pages for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, you name it. We got you covered.

Establish The Strategy

Once we have those platforms established, we incorporate the candidate’s messaging points and overall campaign strategy into their daily socials, email blasts, blog posts, etc. Having a strong message that constituents can relate to and support is imperative.

And that’s a wrap! If you provide our team with this simple list of items, our designers and videographers will take the reins and create badass content that is guaranteed to have people online take notice and take action on your campaign’s behalf.

If you’re looking for a dedicated team who gets shit done and is ready to join your campaign team on the path to victory, give Push Digital a call today! We look forward to getting to work.