When using a digital marketing agency, you may be wondering how the creative process brings your content, branding, and ideas to life. Let us be the first to tell you that it takes a village– ha, just kidding, it only takes a few great minds.

When approaching a digital agency for a creative project, your fate will first fall into the hands of designers. Not only are they your first stop in the creative process but also the most influential when it comes to creating your visual vibe. They are where your vision meets paper – or should we say, the screen. The nucleus of your creative, controlling the growth, production and direction that your brand will take as it grows. Your “bowl or burrito?” at Chipotle if you will. The designers assigned to your project will determine the basis of your brand direction, and overall visual look and feel.

Once you’ve gotten your “bowl, ” what’s next? We’re so glad you asked. The design team can whip up some very enticing visuals but if you’re really looking to take your project to another level, your next stop is the video department. Videographers are masters at bringing a designer’s dream to life. Together the designers and videographers make an unstoppable, creative force.

Here is a simple example of how design and video can come together to bring your brand to the next level. A company’s logo and branding is the base from which all creative projects are built. A videographer would then use the branding guide as a tool to create all videos and animations. Logos initially created by the design team are often used within video as a wordmark to distinctly identify a brand or company, while associating and evoking the viewer with the client’s messaging and emotion.