For a lot of businesses, it can be a tough decision: do we hire an agency, or staff an in-house marketing team? I’ve seen a lot of small business owners choose the latter because they don’t think that they can afford an agency. It’s often these same cost-conscious businesses, however, that can benefit the most from hiring an outside agency. Here’s why:

1. You’re Hiring an Entire Team of Experts for the Cost of One Employee

A lot of business owners will balk at the cost of a retainer with an outside agency. While you might be able to hire a talented in-house marketing person, and even pay them less than the cost of a retainer, no single person can be good at everything. When you hire an agency you are hiring an entire team of experts in their respective fields at a fraction of the cost.

2. Agencies Bring Fresh Perspective

Often in-house marketing teams can be “too close to the fire” to see potential opportunities or even holes in their marketing plans. Hiring an agency gives you the opportunity to re-evaluate your marketing strategy and find new, more effective ways of reaching your desired audience.

3. Agencies Keep Your Strategy Competitive

In this digital age, new features and media are always being developed and launched. It takes a lot of time and effort to stay up to date with new trends and metrics, even more so for an in-house team that may not have as many resources as an agency to devote to this kind of discovery. Hiring an agency gives you the added benefit of staying “in the know” on all of these features and being able to incorporate them into your marketing mix.

4. They Save You Time

As we all know, “time is money” and agencies can help you save A LOT of time. They take care of your marketing needs, which keeps you from spending your valuable time navigating the ins and outs of social and digital media, and also from having to train and manage an in-house marketing team. In addition to saving you time, agencies also have the experience and existing industry relationships that allow them to perform a lot of tasks faster — which can come in handy when you need a last-minute project.

5. They Deliver a Higher Return on Investment

Chances are, whatever kind of marketing project you are need, your agency has been there before. That means that they know where to place ads, how to talk to your audience, and how to design that social media post in order to make your dollar go farther.

The Bottom Line:

For a lot of small business owners, choosing to invest in an agency may seem like a costly endeavor. You may be tempted to bring your marketing in-house in an attempt to cut costs, but that option may limit your ability to fully realize your marketing potential. Hiring a marketing agency will ultimately lead to better results, more cost savings and more time for you to be able to invest into your business. It’s a no-brainer!