Creative agencies all over the world are fighting the good fight. There’s a project and the client needs it good, fast, and cheap.

What do you do?

The goal for us is always quality. A quality product is likely to perform better, get more attention, and ultimately make the client happy – which is why we’re all here. BUT a quality product doesn’t just happen. Ideas, budget, and timelines all play a huge role in what a client will get.

Good & Fast:

This is going to cost you. Be prepared.

Good & Cheap:

When $$ is an issue, the best thing you can do is give creative people time to be creative. When we aren’t restricted by a tight deadline we get to;

  • Brainstorm across multiple departments, come up with a strategy that will be the most efficient and produce the best possible product to accomplish our clients objective.
  • Collaborate. At Push Digital we have a full-service in-house production team including designers, web developers, and videographers. We’ve gotten to do some unique collaborative projects where each facet of the production team contributes.
  • Be creative. When we’re crunched on time for projects we have to go with techniques we know to be faster, with ample time we get to take our work to the next level, and add that extra layer of detail that makes the video just that much more impactful.

Fast & Cheap

We know at Push Digital that when crisis ensues, there is no time to waste, and there may be little money (or no money) to spend. Fortunately we have a bag of tricks to make our process speedier, without sacrificing too much quality;

  • Utilize stock and free assets. Visually a project is much more appealing if you add an interesting background, eg.
  • Stick to the clients brand guidelines. Using the same color, fonts, and style creates an essential consistency that all successful brands have
  • Have a couple simple “go to” moves. Eye catching animations, colors, and layouts styles that you can implement quickly will give your piece an extra kick without taking up too much time.

The better our content is, the more likes, impressions, and shares they typically get on social media. This success is what brings attention to the issue or objective our client is trying to fix or promote. There are many ways to accomplish this, and it’s something that we always make a personalized game plan for based on the client’s goal.