We’ve all heard that TV and Digital are at odds with each other in the advertising realm. TV sees digital as threatening the size of their buys and digital sometimes sees TV as outdated and inefficient.

Both mindsets are wrong. In the near future, TV is here to stay and digital’s presence is continuing to grow.

But here’s the thing – Digital and TV should be working together for the betterment of both.

With digital, you have the unparalleled ability to microtarget, test messages, track conversions – all in real time. With TV, you still have a huge audience you can reach at once. And here’s how they can work together – TV can utilize digital advertising to test different messages before they invest the money into a single message. You can test several messages at once and then pick the winner to invest the needed advertising dollars behind.

The best part? You’ll know you’re picking a winner. You’ll have seen the results of how the ad performed online and can be confident in its ability to perform on TV.

And this is something SeaWorld has recently done.


Earlier this year we were challenged with coming up with a new ad. Only difference – it had to be BIG. Our thought was to let people know that SeaWorld was on a mission and that everyone who visited SeaWorld was playing a huge role in that mission. It’s a mixture of moon shot, lifestyle and fun. It accomplished the dual goal of showing that SeaWorld is a premier destination for families and that SeaWorld was leading one of the most pressing issues of our time – ocean health. People are part of something bigger when they visit SeaWorld. It also had the convenience of being TRUE. SeaWorld is pouring tons of cash into saving animals, species and habitats.


With a completed video in hand, we decided to test the ad’s performance in a digital-only buy. We knew that the ad was edgy and very different from anything else that SeaWorld had produced and while we believed we would get amazing results from it, you really never know until you watch the clicks begin to flow.


Sure enough, this ad performed brilliantly.

The ad brought in X% more conversions.

The engagement rate was X% higher than all other ads.

Oh, you want to know the Xs, don’t you? Sorry, we can’t give you those numbers. Let’s just say this message resonates big time.

Here’s what we can tell you – Ace Metrix says the ad was the best performing of 2017 Q3 and the best performing travel ad EVER. EVER!

“This particular ad, Park to Planet, worked remarkably well, beating every other message we’ve had, with higher consumer engagement.”
– Denise Godreau, Chief Marketing Officer, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment

After this digital test being a success, it was placed on TV.

Moral of the Story:

It’s always smart to test. But if you haven’t been testing your proposed TV buy with a digital campaign first, you’re missing out. Let’s work together.