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Crisis Communications Specialist & CEO, Wesley Donehue, Launches New Book on How To Survive Cancel Culture

Digital strategist and Founder & CEO of Push Digital and Laurens Group, Wesley Donehue, released his first book Under Fire: 13 Rules for Surviving Cancel Culture (and Other Crises) earlier this week. Within the first 24-hours, it landed as a #1 best-seller in multiple Amazon book categories.

One of the first strategists to successfully navigate crises in the digital world, Donehue has managed some of the biggest political and corporate scandals in recent decades. During this time, Donehue discovered thirteen rules for managing cancel culture and public relations crises. In Under Fire, he shares these rules and provides an inside look at the toughest online cancellations that helped him define a proven system for weathering every type of storm.

“The intention of writing this book is to help prepare others for when a crisis will occur,” states Wesley Donehue. “No matter the industry you’re in or the type of business you run, this book provides a framework that will enable you to be nimble, aware, and prepared for anything that comes your way.”

To learn more about Under Fire: 13 Rules for Surviving Cancel Culture (and Other Crises), please visit

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