Turning Target Audiences Into Activists

Florida’s “Yes On 3” Ballot Initiative

With millions of tourists flocking to the state’s beaches and theme parks each year, billions in revenue and jobs at stake, protecting the industry from Las Vegas-style casinos was the goal of 2018’s Amendment 3 ballot initiative.

The Challenge

Florida’s elections racked up hundreds of millions of dollars in television spending across 11 media markets in 2018. Both the Governor’s race and U.S. Senate race flooded the local airwaves on a daily basis, leaving down ballot elections and ballot initiatives to fight for voter attention.

An additional challenge was the non-partisan makeup of our likely supporters. This issue did not cut across traditional left-right, Republican-Democrat cleavages, making our targeting instrumental in the efforts success.

Push Digital identified the main goal as building a critical mass of grassroots pressure and attention on influencers and voters that would result in support for an affirmative vote on the battle initiative.

We chose a social strategy specifically because of the growing segment of users aged 35 and up using the Internet for new, the speed at which information could be disseminated to the audience and the ability to quickly convert the audience into activists.

The Solution

Push Digital began by analyzing the existing messages and breaking down which ones were most targetable to audience that would move into our turnout model. The digital component of the “Yes on 3” campaign was designed to break through the election clutter, inform persuadable audiences to the merits of the initiative and turn out likely supporters. We developed strategic messages tailored to each target universes learnings toward the issue. For instance, homeowners received messages regarding the economic impact to their home value, while parents received messages regarding crime and casino-style gambling.

Additionally, we mimicked television messages to our target audiences via display, pre-roll and connected TV in media markets where cost per gross media point became too expensive for the campaign. In effect, we covered areas that would not be receiving broadcast and cable messages.

Yes On 3
Yes On 3

The Results

Push Digital, in conjunction with the campaign’s consulting team delivered the passage of the statewide initiative, by clearly determining our goals, audience and executing strategically regarding where digital persuasion was most needed.

  • 70%

    Amendment 3 passed the vote

  • 55,000

    emails collected

  • 80,000

    Facebook followers gained

  • 14,000,000

    impressions delivered