The Challenge

When it comes to collegiate football, Tommy Tuberville is a household name. His dedication to the sport and players earned him College Football’s 2004 Coach of the Year and two-time SEC Coach of the Year. When Tuberville made the decision to run for U.S. Senate, he knew picking the right team was crucial. He came to Push Digital with an end goal in mind: winning.

The Solution

With a perfect season and an SEC championship under his belt, winning was in Tuberville’s blood. Our web development and creative teams scored a touchdown that earned the Tuberville campaign a 2021 Reed Award for “Best Website for U.S. House/Senate”. The site featured custom animations, custom icons, and a look and feel that showed off his Auburn roots while appealing to fans from all over the state of Alabama.

A Reed award means your work is the very best in the industry, just like Coach Tuberville.