The Challenge

Every indication is that the South Carolina Senate Republican Caucus was going to have its worst election cycle in decades. The press kept reporting that they would lose at least two seats, maybe more. A number of Republican seats along the coast were trending blue with extremely well-funded Democratic candidates. COVID-19 hit throwing traditional grassroots activities in the garbage. The most expensive US Senate race in history along with one of the nation’s hottest congressional races cluttered the airwaves. All the while President Trump’s approval ratings went up and down daily with Republican down ballot candidates tied to him at the hip.

The Solution

Push Digital consulted the Caucus along with Columbia based GOP consulting firm First Tuesday Strategies. Together we ran a hyper data targeted campaign to identify and reach specific segments of persuadable voters. While some television was run, it was limited due to the US Senate race driving up rates. Most swing voters were reached through a combination of mail, digital and text advertising.

The Results

  • Defended All Incumbents

  • Picked-up Four Democratic Seats