The Problem

Since 9/11, we’ve lost more service members to suicide than in combat. In 2018, Stop Soldier Suicide asked us to join the fight to combat the alarming military suicide rates.

In 2019, we needed a Giving Tuesday campaign that would bring in donations to help us continue this fight.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge we faced was making Stop Soldier Suicide stand out among the millions of nonprofits worldwide and encouraging users to choose Stop Soldier Suicide for their Giving Tuesday donation.

How did we do it?

We Examined Our Current Strategy

First, we reviewed our current strategy and highlighted what areas were driving the most success. From this, we were able to pinpoint key factors such as:
  • What audience was most likely to donate versus what audience was most likely to fundraise,
  • What creative and message worked best,
  • And how to best distribute our advertising dollars to get the most “bang for our buck.”

We Got Creative

Next, we had to come up with attention-grabbing ads that would encourage each audience to either donate or create a fundraiser. We knew we’d be competing with millions of nonprofits on the largest day of giving so our ads needed to be able to quickly catch the attention of Facebook and Instagram users and make them want to help us.

We Started Early

We knew Giving Tuesday would be cluttered with nonprofits competing for donations so, we launched our campaign a week early. Once we had our ads ready and knew which audience we would serve each ad to, we released them into the wild. This gave users plenty of time to see our ads and gave us a head start against our competition.


Once our Giving Tuesday campaign came to an end, we saw the huge success we were able to achieve through campaign optimization and strategic changes, including:

  • 100000

    People Reached

  • 1500


  • 500%

    Overall Lift From 2018 to 2019