Telling The SeaWorld Brand Story

How Push Digital Organized, Educated and Activated a loyal brand Fan base.


The Push team joined the SeaWorld family in February of 2014 when the company was defending itself against the film Blackfish. Airing on CNN in October, 2013 and later picked up by Netflix, the film — driven by activists — became a centerpiece of social communication about the company. Volume was so high on Facebook and Twitter the company could not penetrate the conversation in a meaningful way.

SeaWorld Logo White


The Push team decided on several strategies designed to (1) help push back against the inaccuracies of the film, (2) solidify a fanbase eager to defend the company, and (3) to break through the noise with SeaWorld’s compelling story of animal rescue, rehabilitation and veterinary care.

  • Directly engage the moveable middle of people talking about Blackfish.
  • Organize and activate a large fanbase willing to say positive things online.
  • Build a platform dedicated to telling SeaWorld’s story of animal care and conservation.
  • Ramp up social media activity with brand-related content.
  • Promote key messages to targeted influencers and consumers.

The Push team fully integrated itself into the SeaWorld family and helped revolutionize SeaWorld's social platforms. Simply put, they custom-built a highly creative media arm for SeaWorld that helped tell our story on a daily basis, reaching millions of people with content about our care and commitment to animals in our parks and around the globe.

Joel Manby President & CEO, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment


Having helped SeaWorld to build a massive and highly creative digital communications program, Push is continuing to help SeaWorld to “turn the parks inside out” by bringing fans and the general public behind the scenes to view animal rescues and releases, to show them the love and care that the animals receive and to connect people to the important roll facilities like SeaWorld play in preserving wild animals and their habitats.

  • 70%

    increase in Twitter followers

  • 145%

    increase in Facebook likes

  • 733%

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  • 108%

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  • 140%

    increase Facebook shares

  • 1,482.5%

    increase in website traffic

  • 400,000,000

    nearly targeted ad impressions

  • 507%

    increase in views on YouTube thanks to Emails