The Challenge

Lost cause. That’s what nearly everyone told us when Wesley became Senator Sandy Senn’s general consultant and Push Digital took overall all media. Newspapers reported it as the easiest pickup for Democrats. Insiders said there was no way to keep the state’s truest swing district in such an ugly year. We knew better for one simple reason – Sandy Senn is a freaking workhorse!

The district has been trending blue for years. The presidential race, one of the nation’s top targeted congressional races and the most expensive US Senate race in American history made getting out our message incredibly costly. We couldn’t go door-to-door due to Covid-19 restrictions and fears. We had to get creative.

The Solution

In order to win this one we had to hyper-target swing voters. In such a hot political environment we knew that Republican voters would come home. We didn’t need to spend our limited resources there. We knew that the SC Republican Party, along with the Mace for Congress and Graham for US Senate campaigns would be spending millions turning out the base. There is nothing we could do there that those operations were not already doing. That meant we had to use a rifle approach to target swing voters with messages important to each specific demographic segment. Specifically we used data modeling usually reserved for larger races to find voters we could persuade, including soft Democrats interested in the Senator’s work on local issues, such as infrastructure and flooding. This one was super close, but it wasn’t a lost cause after all.

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