The Challenge

While the vast majority of Americans are looking to their elected officials for safety and solutions, Democrat attorneys general and candidates have remained irresponsibly silent on calls to defund the police and the lawless behavior being carried out by the far-left that’s creating communities of chaos. RAGA needed to get that message out but with the political advertising space being oversaturated, it is difficult to get a message to break through the noise.

The Solution

Push Digital developed a multi-faceted targeted video push under the umbrella of a greater “Lawless Liberal” campaign that cohesively relayed RAGA’s messaging and drew a stark contrast between the two sides. Digital video ads are different than traditional TV advertising. In an environment where ads are skippable and easily scrolled past, it’s imperative to capture the viewer’s attention in the first several seconds. Through innovative scripting and editing, the digital video series we created did just that, grabbing our target audience and helping to frame the debate around the issue.

“The Lawless Liberals ad campaign has helped us succinctly draw a contrast between Republican AGs and candidates, who support the rule of law, and Democrat AGs and candidates, who have remained silent on the “defund the police” movement and the violence and destruction that has gripped our nation for months. The videos have helped our earned media efforts, landing our candidates and incumbents interviews with top national news outlets, like Fox News.”

The Results

  • 2,589,945

    facebook impressions

  • 33,544


  • $.54


  • 21,317

    new leads