The Challenge

As a core component of the Republican Attorneys General Association’s (RAGA) efforts to refine and refocus its messaging entering 2020, refreshing the logo to fall in line with the new direction was critical. A new mission requires new branding, and refreshing the logo was needed to create a cohesive vision for the organization and help set the trajectory.

The Solution

“Defend the Rule of Law” isn’t just a motto for RAGA — it’s a rallying cry for the organization’s attorneys general and an appeal from the Americans they represent. Over the years, RAGA’s members have adopted the mentalities of serving as “Freedom’s Frontline,” the “Tip of the Spear,” and the “Last Line of Defense,” when it comes to serving the constitution and their constituencies. Featuring a bold shield, an impressed American Flag, and three columns representing the immutable nature of the Rule of Law, our team of designers worked to create a striking logo equal to the efforts of America’s Republican Attorneys General.

Creative Concepts

Republican Attorneys General Association