Bringing Lumina Analytics’ Mission To A Visual Platform

Lumina Analytics is an Information Technology Company founded on the idea that technology is a force for good. Lumina uses optimized artificial intelligence capabilities to help keep people and places safe and secure.

Lumina Analytics + Push Digital partnered in 2020 to bring the brand’s mission to a visual platform.

The Challenge

Lumina Analytics was invited to a Tech conference in early February of 2020, and they needed to make their presence felt.  Lumina is pioneering the risk management field with their Artificial Intelligence tool, Radiance. They hired Push to develop a brand video to be played on a big screen for all the attendees to see.  This video needed to capture the personality of the company, their mission, and give a broad sense of the purpose of their product. How do you explain an AI risk management program in less than 60 seconds, while showing who the human beings behind the code actually are?

The Solution

After a brief discovery call with the client, we got to work developing scripts and sourcing assets. We had about two weeks to plan and execute the video shoot and post production, including a significant amount of animation.

We set up a video shoot at Lumina’s offices to capture their staff saying a number of key phrases that encapsulate Lumina’s mission, while simultaneously getting the ball rolling on a high-energy, eye-catching animated framework. Once the employee footage was in hand, we stitched it all together and added some hype music, with time to spare.

We were also able to convert the animated logo from the promotional video into HTML so it could be used on a website. The logo was broken up into separate elements and exported into a single SVG, so we could control the various elements using javascript animation. Next, we packaged up the files so they could easily be placed on another website with minimal effort by the other team.