Louisiana’s “Yes On Constitutional Amendment 2” Ballot Initiative

The Louisiana oil and gas industry makes up 25% of the state’s economy, or about $1.2 billion dollars. Constitutional Amendment 2 sought to bring fairness and accuracy to the assessment process for the state’s oil and gas industry, 90% of which is made up of small businesses.

The Challenge

The digital space leading up to the 2020 General Election was more crowded than ever. With the Presidential, Louisiana Gubernatorial, and U.S. Senate races flooding user’s feeds daily. We cut through the noise. Push Digital developed an audience of likely supporters who didn’t follow political parties, We found supporters from both sides of the partisan divide who would likely support our issue.

The Solution

By targeting moderate and independent voters while excluding those with an anti-tax preference, using messaging centered around fairness, common sense, and job growth, Push Digital was able to gain supporters on both sides of the aisle. Working together, Push Digital and the Louisiana Oil and Gas Association optimized the messaging throughout the course of the campaign in order to sway voters. While LOGA’s team coordinated an earned media and grassroots effort, Push Digital was able to reach voters and gain support in places where traditional methods were out of reach. Combined with eye-catching creative, we were able to break through the election clutter and reach our key audiences. Push Digital utilized Banner Display and Preroll platforms to deliver the maximum amount of impressions possible in just the month leading up to the election.

The Results

Push Digital, in coordination with the campaign’s consulting team, successfully helped to pass Constitutional Amendment 2.

  • 58%

    Constitutional Amendment 2 Passed

  • 4,466,000

    Impressions Delivered

  • 4,382