The Challenge

$130 million. Facing the largest onslaught of candidate spending in American history, Senator Lindsey Graham held his ground against Jaime Harrison’s record-breaking $130 million haul en route to a ten point victory on Election Day. In a historically costly campaign, Senator Graham needed a way to break through the crowded digital space with creative that was both visually unique and narratively striking. As Team Graham’s primary digital vendor, Push played an integral role in content development, deployment strategy, and flexing our creative muscles to preserve a traditionally red seat for Republicans.

The Solution

Initial brainstorming sessions resulted in negative creative which felt at home in a traditional contrast campaign — but our team felt the drive to devise something more subtle, something more stealthy, which could evolved into a unified, recognizable campaign by Election Day.

Push knew this: Jaime Harrison was one of the furthest-Left candidates to ever run for U.S. Senate in the State of South Carolina. With a well-established history in Democratic Party politics, we knew an overabundance of intriguing content existed — but finding that content and piecing it together was key.

Using a mixture of creative and unconventional methods, our team was able to excavate this content from the deep web — and build a hard-hitting campaign featuring interview-style short spots for both broadcast and digital. Working in coordination with Senator Graham’s TV vendor, Scott Howell, their team spent the final months of the campaign based out of Push’s Charleston office — we designed the creative with input from a variety of media professionals, resulting in content that was the product of a truly integrated media project.

These spots, particularly on pre-roll, blended well with native platforms and resulted in higher message saturation. Better yet, the nature of the recordings allowed our team to simply channel Harrison and maintain the natural feel of the footage. This campaign featured three “Chair Chat” videos, which culminated in a final, more traditional spot reminding viewers of the previous content.

Creative Samples

The Opportunity of Defeating an Opponent is Provided by the Opponent Himself.

Sun Tzu

Overall Video Campaign Results

  • 176,595,499


  • $0.05


Chair Chat Campaign Results

  • 34,298,301


  • $0.05