The Challenge

Going back to 2019, before the pandemic shut down restaurant dining and people flocked to delivery, Frothy Beard Brewing Company found their UberEats delivery orders down 50% compared to the prior year, so they brought us in to help drive delivery orders.

The Solution

Our team came together to create a Facebook campaign that included narrowing down an audience we knew would be likely to place an order, creating catchy and captivating ads that outperformed other restaurants advertising their UberEats services, and using data from UberEats to promote best-selling menu items.

We ran a one-month test campaign using this knowledge and creative and saw tremendous results!

Frothy Beard Brewing Company
Frothy Beard Brewing Company
Frothy Beard Brewing Company

The Results

  • 100,000

    Impressions Served

  • 478


  • 88%

    Increase In Orders From Previous Month

  • 93%

    Increase In Sales From Previous Month