Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

(and definitely in the eye of those who visit a dermatologist)


Over the past two years, Push Digital has been the Dermatology and Laser Center of Charleston’s go-to agency – tackling everything from advertising and PR to email marketing and content strategy. A top priority on Push Digital’s list of 2021 goals for Dermatology and Laser Center was to refresh the outdated website. Not only was the website showing its age, but it was slow, difficult to navigate, and wasn’t optimized for mobile viewing. In addition, the look and feel of the website certainly wasn’t up to par with the magnificent content Push Digital was creating on all of their other digital platforms.

The Challenge

Push Digital was responsible for updating the old Dermatology and Laser Center website frequently with new specials and promotions. When the account managers were inputting the updated information, they were constantly running into issues with lines of broken code and plugins that were slowing the site down. Often turning a simple task into one that needed to be escalated to the website development team. At one point, we decided to use our ads dollars to intentionally keep users off of the defective website. Instead, we shifted our focus to email marketing. For months we ran a lead generation campaign to build up Dermatology and Laser Center’s email list in order to keep users informed about new specials and offers via email, rather than sending them to the website. In the fall of 2020, Push received approval from the client to move forward with a complete website clean up and redesign. One of the client’s main requests was that we incorporate a functional gallery showcasing all of their before and after photos of the various procedures they perform.

The Solution

Due to the outdated nature of the website, there was almost 10 years’ worth of content, photos, videos, and blogs that had to be sorted through. So we kicked off the website project with a massive content audit, all while simultaneously compiling the data and analytics from the old website. This gave us a greater insight as to which pages saw the least traffic and which pages saw the most traffic. From there, our account managers and web developers were able to build a new, more condensed sitemap that made the most sense based on the data we gathered. Once the sitemap was approved, Push Digital’s graphic designers got to work. They delivered a professional, clean and simple website design, but also incorporated funky fonts and graphics to add pops of personality. When it came time for development, our biggest hurdle was coming up with a way to format the before and after photo gallery in a way that was easy for a website user to view, while providing a simple way for someone to update on the backend. However, due to the inconsistencies in the formatting and sizes of the photos, we really had to put our heads together. In the end, Push Digital’s website development team came up with a solution that would allow us to plug in a single photo in a collage type format or multiple photos in a gallery/slideshow format.


Take a look for yourself! Our client has received nothing but positive feedback from their staff, their partners, and their patients. As one of the most extensive and most complex website redesigns Push Digital has ever tackled, we couldn’t be more proud of our work and the end product.