The Challenge

Over the past few years shoppers in Lone Tree, CO have been turning more and more towards online shopping as opposed to traditional retail. With that, the city was losing out on millions of dollars needed to fund emergency, maintenance, and other municipal services. Enter ballot measure 2E. This ballot measure would increase funding for emergency and essential city services that the residents of Lone Tree need.

The Solution

In order to give ballot measure 2E the best chance of passing; Push Digital ran a month-long advertising campaign for ‘Yes on 2E’ across Facebook and Display in the Lone Tree, CO area. The purpose of the ads was to inform people of the important emergency and city services that were relying on the passage of this measure. On Election Day, 2E passed with 58% of voters voting “yes” on the measure.

Citizens for Lone Tree’s Future
Citizens for Lone Tree’s Future


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    58% to 42%