If I had to guess, you’re currently consuming an overpriced Starbucks drink while scrolling through this article on an Apple device. Have you ever stopped to think about why these companies are so popular and widely recognized? It’s about more than just good coffee and efficient technology. It’s about how they’ve successfully branded themselves!

Branding is one of the most vital aspects in developing a company. It’s a company’s identity. It’s who they are and how the rest of the world sees them.

Push Digital may have started as an exclusively political agency, but we’ve continued to expand into consumer brand marketing and advocacy! From logo design, to videography, to websites — we’ve got the creative chops to take on any task.

We pride ourselves in our ability to create a company’s identity through a detailed process.

For PUSH Digital, branding is more than just designing a logo or developing a website. It’s about connecting with a client, creating their identity, determining their mission, and executing a plan of action.

It’s about getting to know every single part of a brand, but it’s also about the brand getting to know us. It’s about figuring out what the brand needs and how we can meet those needs. It’s about using the incredibly talented designers we have and showcasing their unique skills.

The branding process at Push is tailored to each individual client, paying close attention to their wants and needs. The process is broken down into three phases:

  1. Discovery Phase
  2. Production Phase
  3. Marketing Phase

The Discovery Phase is essentially like speed-dating. We try to get as much information about our clients as possible through a series of conversations and interviews. In doing so, we’re able to create a creative blueprint that is used in the last two phases to ensure our content is cohesive.

The Production Phase is all about development. Whether it’s developing a brand’s logo or a company’s website, the production phase puts pen to paper…or hand to computer mouse. It involves drawing the logos, selecting fonts and colors, building wireframes, etc, all of which involves close contact with the respective client to refine any and all details.

Now, you have your final product! Your logo and/or website is finally created! That’s it, right? No.

You’d think we’d stop there, but we don’t. We don’t just build your content, we market it, too.

The Marketing Phase calls on our top-of-the-line marketing and advertising teams, who are ready to drive continuous engagements to your content. They work closely with our clients to determine who they want to target and how they can best target them. This means that we are guaranteed to generate the best ROI possible.

Throughout these various phases, we work to find ways to differentiate a brand from other markets in similar fields.

In short, Push Digital pushes the limits when it comes to branding.

Stay tuned to find out more on branding at PUSH Digital!