5 Tips for Creating Killer Calls to Action

Creating dynamic content for your campaign is only half the battle. If you’re content lacks a call to action (CTA), you’re missing the entire point of content development. Every campaign can boost their conversions by including well balanced, creative CTA’s. Here are some CTA tips to keep in mind when you’re developing your content

1. Keep it Short

CTA’s shouldn’t be more than a line or two – in fact, the best CTA’s aren’t even more than a couple of words. If you’re content is compelling enough, “Donate Now” or “Join the Team” should be sufficient to get the conversion you’re looking for.

2. Be Bold

Make sure your supporters can see your CTA. This might sound overly simplistic but it can be easy for a call to action to get lost in your content. By increasing text sizes, changing colors, and altering placement, you can make sure your CTA’s are easily seen by potential signees and donors.

3. Be Clear

Tell people exactly what you want them to do. Vague CTA’s are conversion killers. Don’t be shy about asking people to donate if that’s your conversion goal. Remember, If the content makes a compelling case for the individual to give, your explicit ask is the next logical step. Ask already!

4. Make it Personal

The best calls to action draw people in by placing them at the center of the action. For instance, “Sign up to get more information about our campaign” isn’t as effective as “Become a founding member of our campaign by signing up now” – the difference is the signee taking a passive role in the campaign versus an active one.

5. Make it Urgent

This is direct response 101. Assume you’ll never get another shot at converting the individuals who land on your content. Regardless of the ask, encourage your supporters to respond immediately. You’re CTA should be written in a way that doesn’t give anyone the option to wait and mull it over.

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