With so many marketing and public relations agencies out there, we work hard to set ourselves apart from the rest. We don’t settle for doing stuff that just “works” – that isn’t good enough for us. We’re not happy unless our competitors are copying us.

As one of the most common questions we get asked, we’re here to share the 4 main reasons why Push Digital is different from the rest.

Our Beginning

Our story began in the political arena. We didn’t start by promoting brands or products, we started by fighting for political candidates who we believed in.

Our political experience gives us a unique understanding of campaign timelines, the critical nature of the content we’re working with, and how to be fast and thrifty. It’s also why we’re so good at getting in the ring and winning fights. We don’t just stand on the sidelines, we get in the arena with our clients, and it’s our political background that birthed our scrappiness.

Our Adaptability

We have the ability to adapt to the ever-changing digital world at a speed unlike any other. At any moment people’s attention can be taken to a new online universe, the tone of the digital world can change, or restrictions can become obstacles we have to overcome.

In 2020 we saw it all and we adapted. We saw the surge in time spent online during the pandemic, the rise of TikTok, the banning of political ads on Twitter, and the stricter requirements placed by multiple platforms for political ads. It’s our unmatched adaptability that allows us to keep our clients not just in the fight, but winning.

Our Knowledge

We started pushing digital advertising before the rise of digital. We’ve been in the fight for a long time and we’ve learned a lot along the way. We carry this knowledge into every fight we enter and it’s why we’re able to keep our clients winning.

We analyze our successes and our failures and we predict upcoming trends. Knowledge is power and our knowledge has given us the power to understand factors such as the convergence of tv and digital, the growth of audio advertising, and the importance of understanding a client’s goals.

Our Team

The team we have here at Push Digital isn’t afraid to work long nights or on weekends. We’re scrappy, we’re tireless, and we all believe in the mission to “fight for candidates, causes, and corporations that strengthen America’s economy to provide better lives for everyday Americans.”

As a team, we believe in every single one of our clients and only work with clients whose mission aligns with ours. And because we all believe in the mission here, we have very low turnover. We’ve come together as a team and have stayed together cycle after cycle, year after year.

That’s why Push Digital is different and that’s why we win.